Your Helpful Guide To a Fair Tree Removal Cost

How much should your tree removal cost be?

  • Prices range from $200 to $2,000
  • Add-on costs are not often included with an initial estimate
  • Expect the average cost in your community to be between $600 – $1,000

What Factors Determine the Final Tree Removal Cost?

Trees come in many different shapes and sizes. Because of this, your tree removal cost is ultimately dependent on what kind of tree you need to have removed. Live trees often cost more than dead trees. Large trees often cost more than small trees. You may have additional costs for stump removal, limb removal services, and other tree trimming services as well. Your basic tree removal cost, however, does include the labor and equipment necessary to remove the tree from your property.

What Kind of Tree Needs To Be Removed?

Some trees are more difficult to remove simply because of the density of the wood. If you’re trying to remove an oak tree, for example, you’ll often find that your tree removal cost will be higher because it is a thick and solid wood. Pine trees are often taller than your average tree, meaning that they’ll have a higher cost because of their height. A basic rule of thumb: if your tree has a thick diameter, it’s really tall, or it is both, you’re going to be paying a premium tree removal cost to get rid of it.

Trees that are close to your home’s foundation and have a root base that is affecting should be considered for removal as well. The cost of this work can be at a premium, but considering the cost of repairing a foundation that you’ll likely have to pay if the trees aren’t addressed, it’s not that high of a cost. Always get a quote in writing for your tree removal cost so that you can compare bids and talk to references.

What About Trees That Have Been Blown Down?

Trees that have splintered, cracked, or fallen because of a storm, for example, won’t have as high a tree removal cost than a standing tree, but you’ll still pay a cost in the lower end of the cost range. There’s unfortunately a lot of labor involved in getting rid of a fallen tree, and if you need to have stump work or trimming services done to help make your property be usable once again, you’ll have even more in additional costs.

If a tree has damaged a home or outbuilding, you’ll find that your tree removal cost will come at a premium. A tree removal specialist would be liable for causing more damage to the building, so only speciality contractors are available to take care of this work. It is labor intensive, poses more risks to workers, and may be required by your homeowner’s insurance. Calling in a tree removal expert that costs a little bit more, however, is always a good idea.

Research Before You Sign

Because of the risks involved, even for a basic tree removal, you should always hire a professional tree removal agency that is fully licensed, insured, and bonded where required. This way you have the ability to protect yourself financially should something unforeseen happen. Tree removal can sometimes be a headache, but with the right contractor, it doesn’t have to be! Use this website as a resource today to make sure your tree removal cost is fair and competitive!